Hanna Casswell Artist

I am an artist by God's grace and I am compelled to capture passionate emotions as well as random quirky visions. My work is a reflection of my life experiences – sometimes profound and dramatic, while at other times humorous and haphazard. Either way it baffles me at times when I reflect on the lengths that I will go to in order to express myself visually. The urge is unceasing and the subject matter is boundless. I can’t remember when I wasn’t creating, drawing, painting.

As a child I would use anything I could get my hands on as a canvas and became energized as it would materialize into a vision that I hadn’t even realized was there. Sitting in classes, from grade school to college, I would write poetry and sketch whenever I was overcome with any emotion that felt suffocating; be it embarrassment, pain, fret, or joy. Many times those writings and doodles would later develop into a mixed media piece of art.

Over the years my mediums have been pencil, charcoal, chalks, acrylics, oil paints and pretty much whatever material speaks to me with potential.   It is difficult for me to define my work, but there is definitely a colorful folk attitude. My favorite works are those inspired by music. Music ignites emotion for me that is often so intense that it must be released in the form of visual art.

I am often commissioned to create portraits, logos or decorative paintings and the best work materializes when I can add an unexpected twist. That’s what life is to me; diverted plans and unexpected arrivals. My degree is in civil engineering and I have studied art independently for throughout my life. I feel that my engineering direction attributes to creative problem solving when it comes to artistic formations.

I love exploring ideas with which I am unaccustomed and challenging myself with new and creative techniques (often discovered by magical accidents).